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Last updated: April 22, 2007

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Brad and I live near Dundalk, Ontario, Canada. Surprisingly, we are at the highest point in Ontario (I always thought somewhere north of Lake Superior would claim that right but it turns out we are very high here!). Nearby we have some unique geographic features, interesting animals, and a climate that makes life interesting.

I hope to use this page to give global visitors some insight into our local conditions and experiences. I'll expand the content as time permits.

Around the Pond A glimpse at our pond, with some of the creatures we harbour.
At the Feeder A bird feeder on our deck attracts many different species. Some don't even have wings!
Within a Short Drive Scenery, attractions, and points of interest that are just a short drive away.
Weather or Not! The only thing predictable about our weather is its unpredictability.

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