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Last updated: April 24, 2007

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Within a Short Drive

There is no shortage of interesting places to visit around here. Some lend themselves to photographs while others are interesting for their historic importance. I'll add to this page over time, but I'll start with a couple of scenic sites.

Driving at a leisurely pace on country roads brings us to the Elora Gorge in about 40 minutes.

Many years ago, it became apparent that the "flowerpot" island in the middle of the gorge would soon be eroded to the point of collapse so engineers installed concrete abutments around the face of the island.

Closer to home, a 20 minute drive takes us to the hidden wonder of Hogg's Falls. This little known spot requires a half-kilometer hike from a minor sideroad, but the effort is well worth it. The vertical drop is about 10 metres. As you can see, a lush, green forest surrounds the site.

An almost inaccessible, fast flowing stream feeds the falls. The sound of the water is music to the ears.

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