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Last updated: April 24, 2007

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Around the Pond

When we were building the house I knew I just had to have a pond so I got the fellow who did our excavating to dig one in the front yard. Small by country standards, it's 45 feet long by 22 feet wide, in a kidney shape, roughly 5 feet deep, and holds about 70-75K litres (18-20K gallons). There is something very relaxing about having any sort of water feature. Ours is home to a couple of hundred(!) fish and several dozen frogs. The frogs came on there own. We started the fish population with 24 goldfish (plain old 'feeder' variety), introduced in the summer of 2005. They winter over without difficulty and they multiply faster than rabbits! The pond also gets visits from geese and ducks, and one unwanted guest in the form of a Great Blue Heron...

This pair of Canada geese now drops in every summer and, while they don't live here, they usually make a daily visit for a brief swim.

For some reason I just love frogs. I guess it's because they are such harmless and interesting creatures. They have different personalties just like people. Some will flee when you approach while others will allow you to walk right up to them and pick them up (okay, that's not quite like people but you get the idea!). Best thing of all... they eat insects! Green frogs (first two pics below) are the most common, but we also get some Emerald and Leopard frogs (bottom two pics).

Tequila, our golden retriever, on frog patrol. Look closely, below Tequila's nose, and you'll see one in mid-air just above the water, and more clinging to rocks on the right.

"Next time one of you 2-leggers throws my ball in the pond, YOU can go get it!"

You never quite know what you may find living in your pond!

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