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Last updated: May 22, 2008

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Slot racing is my number one hobby. I started back in the mid-1960s and I've never been away from it for more than a few months. Lately, my son has also taken an interest and we have great things planned for the future.

This page will be the jumping off point for many slot-related things. We hope you'll find some of them to be of interest. Clicking on these links will open a new window - just click the "Close Window" button, or "X" out, to close the window and return here.

May as well lead it off with something old!

Advanced Track Wiring My comprehensive wiring diagrams for slot car tracks. Note: these drawings are for standard analog tracks, not digital.

We'll follow that up with some newer activity - proxy racing.

What is Proxy Racing? Find out why proxy racing may be of interest to you!
2007 Thingie Proxy Race Follow '2 Fergies Motorsports' through this hotly contested series! See the cars we have sent, check out the chassis builds, and keep an eye on our results. FINISHED.
2007 World Proxy Race For IMSA/Group C cars, this one will be interesting! Unlimited chassis with hard shell bodies. Mine is finished and sent off. After a delay, it will be early in 2008 when this series starts. CANCELLED.

Slot car racing isn't much fun without a track... soooo...

Bluewater Hills The epic saga of my slot track! This will truly be a long term project so don't expect rapid progress here.

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