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Last updated: April 21, 2007

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What is Proxy Racing?

Proxy racing is a system whereby competitors do not drive their own cars in races. Typically, it involves sending your car to somewhere on the globe for the first race of a series and then it gets sent along to all other events in the series. Teams of drivers are assigned to drive the cars at each event so that they all drive all the cars, ensuring a fair result. Sometimes, a proxy race series will be hosted in one country, but more often, the cars are shipped to two or more countries, sometimes travelling all over the globe before the series ends! Competitors always get their cars returned to them after the completion of the race series.

Why do it? Simple. Often, there isn't a local venue for people to race at and proxy racing allows them to compete with like-minded individuals all over the planet. Others view the truly international aspect of proxy racing as a true challenge. For some it is the chance to pit their work against the best builders from all over the world. Still others see it as a chance to just be a part of a very fun event that involves slot racers from around the world. For most of us, it is the latter that attracts us. Winning can make you feel great but just being a part of something so global in nature, and interacting with the other participants on forums, is a reward far greater than the results.

Ah, but I have to be a skilled builder? NO! Many proxy events are suited to RTR cars with nothing more than a bit of time spent making sure that the car runs smooth. For many events, a properly setup RTR car is just as fast as a scratchbuilt car. The rules are different for each proxy series but they rarely require exceptional talent from the car builder. In fact, most proxy series are geared toward the average builder, making it very easy for anyone to compete.

Does it cost a lot? NO! Proxy event organizers charge an entry fee, but it is intended only to cover their own costs for shipping considerations. Some don't even charge enough and end up paying out-of-pocket for shipping and other expenses, a practice I find admirable but not wise. In other words, you do not get charged unduly to compete in proxy racing.

If I send a car, is it treated with respect? YES! Proxy event organizers are true enthusiasts and they treat all cars with amazing respect - remember, they are doing this because they WANT to! They treat all cars equally and they CARE for them because all of us in the "proxy race community" are here for that very same treatment. The guys that organize and host these events do it because they love the concept.

Have proxy races ever "gone bad"? Yes, and no! My only bad experience was a proxy race in which the organizer was unable to complete the series as planned, but we all got our cars back, although it took some time. But I'm not aware of any case where the cars didn't get back to their owners safely. If you stick with major events, announced on major forums, you will not have a problem.

Try one! It's an interesting change of pace, and it's very intriguing to follow your car's progress on an international level. You'll also meet some new friends, and establish contacts with people worldwide that will reward you in ways you can't imagine.

For more on Proxy Racing, check out the proxy events at SlotForum International and Auslot Forums.

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