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Last updated: May 10, 2007

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Janice Nadine Ferguson

February 22, 1956 - September 3, 2006

I have created this page to honour and celebrate the life of a truly wonderful woman. Anyone who ever met her could walk away with only one of two opinions - you either loved her or hated her. I have never met a woman with more spirit, more honesty, or more integrity. If you hated her it was because you couldn't deal with her honesty. If you loved her, you admired all three of those qualities and then you were able to also enjoy her sense of humour, her compassion, and her genuine warmth.

Jan loved life and she was the type of person who could do virtually anything she set her mind to. She could knit and crochet, she could use a chainsaw. She could paint folk art, she could drive a race car. She could cook a fantastic meal in 30 minutes, she could spend 8 hours doing heavy landscaping work. She never felt that any endeavour was above her or beneath her.

She was a devoted mother and a dedicated wife. In both roles, she was superb.

Photo Album A collection of photos. No master photography, just annotated family snapshots that illustrate her as the down to earth person she was.
When Cancer Wins:
A Surviving Spouse's Story
A long, in depth review of the days before, during, and after the fateful summer of 2006. This is a serious read, so don't look for lighthearted entertainment here.

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